The story of Tryolabs started ten years ago, as a Python boutique dev shop creating custom products powered by artificial intelligence. With its headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay, and its mission to build cutting-edge solutions for startups in Silicon Valley, it was one of the first Latin America-based companies recognizing the power of AI and exploiting its potential on an international level.

Today, Tryolabs is an established partner for companies seeking for help to win the AI journey, most of them located in Silicon Valley and NYC. Counting with 50+ collaborators and more than 150 US customers served over ten years, it offers strategic consulting, development and deployment of highly tailored AI systems that drive better business results. Tryolabs is a Google Data Partner and has its own R&D section, focusing on creating solutions based on state-of-the-art techniques in the fields of machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and predictive analytics.

As part of the international AI community, Tryolabs is hosting machine learning talks and workshops at renown conferences around the globe, such as the Embedded Vision Summit, ODSC and PyImageConf in Silicon Valley or the PyCon in Singapore. In 2017, it released the open source computer vision toolkit Luminoth, which has been widely used among the AI community to train computer vision models and visualize results. Besides that, the company regularly shares its research and expertise on its machine learning blog.

In addition to international contributions, Tryolabs is an active ambassador of AI and its career opportunities in the local market. It has been giving machine learning talks at the local universities UDELAR, ORT and Universidad de Montevideo, sponsored scholarships for engineering students as well as participated in various career events such as the Smart Talent Day or Techy Por El Día. These efforts led Tryolabs to be among the Top Ten Uruguayan Employers of Choice in the engineering sector and to hold the titles of the Most Innovative Company and the Top Export Company of AI Services in Uruguay.