About us

About us

Event Series in Artificial Intelligence

Khipu is a non-profit event, we are lucky to count with many sponsors and partners that made Khipu 2019 possible. These are our organizers and support team.

Khipu General Committee

Meire Fortunato
Pablo Sprechmann
Federico Lecumberry
Danielle Belgrave
Martín Arjovsky

Khipu annual committee

Khipu 2019 special thanks to

María Inés Fariello
Ignacio Ramírez
Gregory Randall
Andre Saraiva
Salvador Vazquez

Shakir Mohamed
Andre Barreto

Khipu web credits

Khipu’s logo created by
 Ernesto Barriola

Images of CNN visualization courtesy of Terence Broad

Khipu 2021 visual identity and web design by
 Lo Bueno, Design Collective

Khipu 2019 special thanks to

We also thank Easy Planners for their assistance in the event’s organization.