KHIPU 2021

KHIPU 2021

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Artificial Intelligence

KHIPU 2021 Event Series are monthly online meetings to support the advancement of AI talent in Latinamerica. Each event will feature two sessions covering:

Conversations on AI – broad, wide ranging conversations with AI researchers, both from the region and the international community, exploring the most critical unsolved problems in AI today.

Applications of AI – deep dives into examples of AI applications in the real world, with emphasis on state of the art work done by Latin American researchers or applications that are particularly relevant to the region.


Mentoring event in GatherTown

Tuesday, November 23rd

13h00 - Mexico DF (UTC-6) // 16h00 Brasilia (UTC-3)

As the closing event of KHIPU 2021 Event Series in AI, we will have a round table mentoring event in GatherTown. The goal is to provide a space where you can discuss your projects, ideas or questions with an expert on the topic of your choice.

Sign up deadline: November 16th


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