2019 Videos and Lectures

Khipu 2019 Videos and Lectures

Monday Nov/11

Keynote: ML Challenges and Opportunities of Computational Behavioral Phenotyping in Developmental Health (Guillermo Sapiro)

Machine Learning Fundamentals

Deep Learning Fundamentals (Rene Vidal)

Convolutional Neural Networks I (Enzo Ferrante)


Álvaro Soto (UC, Chile)

Anna H. Reali Costa (USP, Brazil)

Fabio González (UNC, Colombia)

José Eduardo Ochoa Luna (UCSP, Peru)

Tuesday Nov/12

Convolutional Neural Networks II (Juan Carlos Niebles)

Spotlights: Maria-José Escobar (UTFSM, Chile)

Recurrent Neural Networks (Kyunghyun Cho)

Sponsors’ talks (Tryolabs and Apple)

How to Write a Great Research Paper (Panel: Nando de Freitas, Claire Monteleoni, David Lopez-Paz and Martin Arjovsky)

Wednesday Nov/13

Luciana Benotti (UNC, Argentina)

Agustin Gravano (UBA, Argentina)

Renato Assunção (UFMG, Brazil)

Violeta Chang (U de SC, Chile)

Perspectives on AI (Yoshua Bengio)

About the Khipus (Omar Florez)

Reinforcement Learning (Nando de Freitas)

Sponsors’ talks (Globant and MercadoLibre)

Thursday Nov/14

Climate and Artificial Intelligence (Claire Monteleoni)

Sponsored talks (DeepMind, UTE and ASAPP)

Robotics and Continuous Control (Chelsea Finn)

Causality and Generalization (David Lopez-Paz)

Sponsors’ talks (Antel)

Modeling the Space of Natural Images: History and Applications (Pablo Musé)

Microdata Anonymization for Learning Analytics (Lorena Etcheverry)

Privacy and Security in Machine Learning (Martín Abadi)

Women in AI (hosted by Google)

Friday Nov/15

Parallel Session 1 — Advanced NLP:

Oriol Vinyals

Jorge Pérez

Luciana Benotti

Lucia Specia

Parallel Session 1 — Frontiers in Computer Vision:

Álvaro Soto

Maria-José Escobar

Enzo Ferrante

Sandra Ávila

AlphaStar: StarCraft II using multi-agent RL (Oriol Vinyals)

Parallel Session 2 — AI for Social Good:

Jeff Dean

Danielle Belgrave

Cecilia Aguerrebere

Alejandro Noriega Campero

Guillermo Sapiro

Parallel Session 2 — Life of a ML Startup:

Mario Guajardo, Agustina Sartori, Martín Alcalá, Thiago Cardoso, Matthieu Jonckheere

Machine Learning for Subsurface Characterization (Bianca Zadrozny)

Deep Learning to Solve Challenging Problems (Jeff Dean)