Latin American events in AI
Call for Proposals, 2024

Submit your applications to host a KHIPUx event in your country during 2024 (starting from March), anywhere across Latin America. 

We designed a simple application form so that organizers can submit their proposals, which will be evaluated by an ad-hoc committee appointed by the Khipu Steering Committee.

Important dates

  • KHIPUx CfP opens: 3rd November, 2023
  • KHIPUx Submission Deadline: 8th December, 2023
  • Decision Notifications: Beginning of February, 2024
  • KHIPUx Events: March to December, 2024

About the KHIPUx Program

Following two successful editions of in-person KHIPU, the Latin American Meeting in Artificial Intelligence (, we are now introducing the KHIPUx Program to help strengthen the machine learning and artificial intelligence local communities across the whole Latin American region. Inspired by the successful experience of IndabaX events in Africa, the KHIPUx program aims at replicating the spirit of Khipu at a local scale.

Whether it is a local event focusing on artificial intelligence that has been organized for years, or a new event that you are planning to create in your country or region to incentivize the dissemination of AI topics, it can qualify to be supported as a KHIPUx event.

If you plan to organize an event in IA that has been previously held, you can keep its name. KHIPUx supports both new and previously organized events, reflecting the diversity of Latin America.

An ideal KHIPUx event should:

  • Be a one to three days in-person/hybrid gatherings focused on the dissemination of machine learning knowledge locally in a Latin American country.
  • Be organized by the local Latin American community, universities, academics or enthusiasts who want to promote learning activities focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Follow the same ethical principles, philosophy and values as the main KHIPU event. See our Code of Conduct.

Here we include a list of example events that could qualify for the KHIPUx series, borrowed from our friends at IndabaX:

  • Streaming online lectures, group learning sessions, coding tutorials, research-replication sessions, or poster presentations.
  • Organizing tutorial lectures on specific topics.
  • Hosting a one-day workshop for discussions, short talks, and panel discussions.
  • Organizing hackathons around specific datasets or challenges.

Proposing a KHIPUx event

We encourage you to organize a KHIPUx supported event in your country or region. The specifics of the event are left to the discretion of the organizers. Events can be held throughout the 2024 year.

Khipu will offer support mainly by financial grants, but other forms of support (e.g. mentoring) might be considered.

Proposal components

Your proposal should address the following:

  • Motivation: Explain why hosting a KHIPUx in your region is essential and the outcomes you aim to achieve.
  • Event Description: Provide a tentative schedule, potential speakers, and the expected number of attendees. Indicate if the same event has been celebrated in the past, and provide information about the previous editions if they existed.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Describe your strategies to ensure diverse participation, with a particular focus on promoting gender diversity and the participation of minoritized groups.
  • Organizing Team: Introduce your team and their roles.
  • Support Needed: Detail the kind of support you require, including financial assistance.
    • If financial assistance is needed, describe the approximate budget of the event you are presenting and how you plan to cover it. Khipu aims to support different meetings with around USD2,000.00 (two thousand US dollars) each.
    • Preference will be given to groups that collaborate and co-locate their meetings.
    • Khipu encourages supplementing the budget with funds from other local or international sponsors.
  • Key Dates: Detail when your event is going to take place.


Direct any questions to [email protected].

After the event

If your event is selected as a KHIPUx event, once it is finished, you will have one month to submit a report about the activities, effective number of participants and DEI metrics.

How to apply?

Please make a copy of the following template for the detailed proposal, fill it in with the details about your event, and upload it in PDF format using this form.