Quanam is a knowledge and innovation company, with more than four hundred  specialists providing professional consulting and management services.

Our experience in Data & Analytics  dates back to 1985 and since then , we’ve built trust-based relationships with more than one hundred clients  in over 20 countries .

Our  aim is to help organizations grow smarter, transforming DATA into RELIABLE INFORMATION  to gain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. We implement comprehensive BUSINESS SOLUTIONS with a bold approach to  INNOVATION 

 Ideas are  part of Quanam’s DNA and we  use several tools to execute them, such as   brainstorming contests, Design Thinking and Pentagrowth workshops, and Hackathons which focus on in-depth exploration of industry  ecosystems 

 We’re constantly evolving, expanding our services  to include: Business Intelligence, Strategic Management, Financial Planning and Budgeting, Predictive Analytics, Data Governance, Fraud Investigation and Detection, Big Data, Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence

We have a broad background in Big Data solutions solving the most common difficulties linked to information management: capture, storage, search, sharing, analysis, and visualization.

Our AI solutions perform document analysis using natural language processing, select candidates for a job based on an automatically generated profile, recognize objects in images, process call centre audios, among others.

Quanam’s foundations are built upon the competence and the inherent values of our professionals, generating relationships based on confidence, commitment and long-term work with our clients.