Luciana Benotti

Luciana Benotti is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and a Researcher in Artificial Intelligence at CONICET, Argentina. Her research interests include different aspects of situated and interactive natural language processing, like interpreting noisy user-generated text, generating clarification requests and deciding when to talk in a dialogue system, among others. She is particularly interested in non-linguistic features that contribute to the meaning conveyed during a conversation. Such features include the conversational participants’ profile, conversational timing, visual context, etc. She has been an invited scientist at University of Trento (2019), Stanford University (2018), Roskilde University (2014), Universidad de Costa Rica (2012), and University of Southern California (2010). She received a PhD in Computer Science from Université Henri Poincaré (Loria/INRIA) in France in 2010.