Nicolás Jodal

Nicolás is a Systems Engineer, graduated from the University of the Republic of Uruguay. He is a recognized pioneer and leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
With extensive practical experience in the field, Jodal is the co-creator of GeneXus, the world’s leading low-code software platform for mission-critical applications, which uses artificial intelligence. Together with his co-creator, Eng. Breogán Gonda, his work at GeneXus earned him a prestigious “National Engineering Award” from the National Academy of Engineering of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.
Since 2022, GeneXus has been part of Globant. In this new context, Jodal continues to lead the team of this successful platform that is used in more than 55 countries.
Jodal is also an active promoter of entrepreneurship. Currently, he also participates on the Board of Directors of ThalesLab, a Company Builder, which was created to support high-potential technology Startups and Spin-offs.