Plan Ceibal

Plan Ceibal is a thriving plan working for inclusion and equal opportunities, intending to support the Uruguayan educational policies through technology created in 2007. From the moment it started being implemented, every child that enters the public education system access to a computer for his/her personal use, with a free school Internet connection nationwide.

Plan Ceibal provides a set of programs, educational resources and training opportunities creating new ways of teaching and learning. 

Uruguay is the only country in the world where every public school student is given ownership of a computer with free Internet access. Uruguay is also the only country that offers a high-quality video conference network, connecting more than 1,500 schools across the country.

Each student receives their device in 1st grade. It is switched in 4th grade of Primary School and when they enter 1st year of Middle School.

Plan Ceibal’s mission is to promote the integration of technology at the service of Education to improve the quality and promote social innovation, inclusion and personal growth processes.

We inspire every child and adolescent in Uruguay to develop their learning potential, their creativity, and their critical thinking in the age of knowledge. We jointly build innovative education for the future.